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Application and System Projects

Self Service Password Reset

Using Windows Identity Manager, led a team that deployed a self-service password reset capability that allowed users to change their passwords using their mobile phone or any available workstation without having to go through the service desk. 

Result: Calls to the service desk significantly decreased for change password requests.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Project managed the security assessment, design, and deployment of a new infrastructure where employees can bring their own devices and use them as a secured workstation. Users were given secured USB drives that allow them to access their applications and network drives in a secure manner.

Result: By allowing users to bring their own laptops, the project resulted in cost savings from not having to purchase laptops.  It also cut the cycle time for deploying workstations because user profiles are already set up and saved, ready to be copied to the external drive.

MS Exchange 2010 Migration

Project managed the migration process from MS Exchange 2003 and 2007 to MS Exchange 2010. The project included the audit of all workstations to identify MS Exchange 2003, MS Exchange 2007 or later. Careful work was done to ensure the move had as little impact on daily operations as possible.

Results: Successfully migrated more than 2000 accounts.

Online Customer Support System

Project managed the design, development, and delivery of an in-house customer support system for an online gaming company that handled more than 10,000 tickets per day.  

Result: The Customer Support System was successfully deployed making several features available to users including self-service password reset,  email retrieval, etc. The net result was 30% increased customers served per day.


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Online Projects

Conversion of word processing and spreadsheet forms to online forms using SharePoint

Led the conversion of word processing files and spreadsheet forms to SharePoint forms including training and walkthroughs with users.

Result: About 80% of all audited word processing files and spreadsheets were converted to SharePoint forms

Project Tracking Tool

Project managed the design, and analysis as well as developed the Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Tool.  This included socializing and gaining support and compliance from different stakeholder groups. The EPM was the central tool that housed compliance documentation, project artifacts, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and gating process and documentation.

Result: The EPM provided standardized documentation and company-wide reports on project health and performance. The tool became the source of truth for the weekly project reports circulated to various managers, directors and senior stakeholders.

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Other Projects

IM and IT Gating Process (Stage-Gate) Methodology

Designed, developed, and deployed a gating process based on the Ontario Public Service Stage-Gate Process. The project involved benchmarking methodologies from different government agencies as well as complying with the standards of Stage-Gate Process, and keeping up to standard with government mandates on handling Information Management and Information Technology projects.

Result: An enterprise-wide accepted methodology for managing projects


Developed and facilitated several training sessions on Project Management, SharePoint, Desktop Publishing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and Web Development (HTML, Javascript, CSS, CGI, etc.).

Result: Consistently received positive feedback from participants.

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