Delivered a Self Service Password Reset

Using Windows Identity Manager, led a team that deployed a self-service password reset capability without having to go through a service desk. This allows users to simply change their passwords using their mobile phone or an available workstation to reset their active directory credentials.


Results: This provided a significant decrease in calls to the service desk to change passwords.

Streamlined various processes by converting all forms to SharePoint forms

Led the initiative of improving company performance by identifying processes that involved forms and seamlessly converting them and educating staff in their proper use.


Results: About 80% of all forms were converted to online forms that provided traceability, improved audit, and took a shorter cycle time to complete. More than 200 Word document forms and 10 Excel forms were converted to SharePoint forms, including time tracker, travel request form, petty cash request form, etc.

Project Tracking Tool

I was deployed after the build and buy stage of acquiring the MS Enterprise Project Management (EPM) tool. The decision was to build an interim tool while further rigor was done to bring in MS EPM. I project managed the design, analysis, development, and deployment. Training was also conducted to ensure that all reporting organizations and project managers were capable of administering reports in the new interim tool.


Results: A fully customizable, lightweight, and expandable tool that captures project health and performance (Schedule, Budget, Risk, Scope, etc.). The tool also became the source of truth for the weekly project reports circulated to the Senior Manager, various management and directorial boards, and all project stakeholders.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Project managed the security assessment, design, and deployment of a new infrastructure where employees can bring their own devices and use them as a primary work station. Participants are given secured USB drives that allow them to access the network.


Result: The project provided cost savings on laptops and workstations because of the possibility of bringing your own machine to the company instead of having one assigned for you.

IM and IT Gating Process (Stage-Gate) Methodology

Designed, developed, and deployed a gating process based on the Ontario Public Service Stage-Gate Process. The project involved benchmarking methodologies from different government agencies as well as complying with the standards of Stage-Gate Process, and compliance with government mandates on handling Information Management and Information Technology projects.


Result: An enterprise-wide compliant methodology for handling projects that capture project risks and project health.  

MS Exchange 2010 Migration

Project managed the migration process from MS Exchange 2003 and 2007 to MS Exchange 2010. The project required the audit of all users, in order to identify whether there were systems other than MS Exchange 2003 or 2007. Careful work needed to be done to make sure that the move would have as little an impact to daily operations as possible.


Results: Successfully migrated more than 2000 accounts and was able to identify more than 2000 inactive accounts that are still with the platform. A system was put in place to automatically archive and clean up all inactive accounts after a certain threshold.

Online Customer Support System

Project managed the design, development, and delivery of an in-house customer support system for an online gaming company handling tickets of more than 10 thousand per day.  


Results: A lot of the features that customers are calling in are now available via a self service portal. This includes requests for password reset, email retrieval, etc. The quantifiable result is a 2,800 increase of customers served per day.

Seasoned trainer and facilitator

Developed and facilitated several training sessions on Project Management, SharePoint, Desktop Publishing (Word, Excel, pivot points, PowerPoint, etc.) and Web Development (HTML, Javascript, Linux, CSS, CGI, Perl, CSS, etc.).


Results: Consistently received positive feedback from participants.

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